"Fountain of youth" ... zeatin

"Moringa oleifera is currently the only known plant, that contains a sufficient quantity of an extremely important natural neurotransmitter zeatin. Zeatin is considered a key element for proper distribution of amino acids, vitamins, oils, antioxidants and minerals, which can actually contribute to maintain our health and help to alleviate a particular health problem. "


Zeatin belongs to the group of cytokinins, plant hormones. It is generally assumed that zeatin increases the usability of nutrients in our organism on average 6x. (Analysis of the content of zeatin: Dr. J. Lowell Fuglie - Moringa leaf contains 0.2 micrograms per gram, which is about 1000 x concentration compared with other plants.) It significantly emphasizes the role of Moringa in combat against nutrient deficiency.

"The natural fountain of youth" this is how Professor Thomas Roitsch of the University of Wuerzburg refers to cytokinins (Pub 056/2004). In his tests, he used them to stop the yellowing of leaves. If we assume that this group of plant hormones enables to extend the lifetime of leaves, it could thus constitute as an effective remedy against aging. Cytokinins help heal wounds. Furthermore, they also improve the absorption of minerals or production of nutrients, such as proteins.

Until today, approximately 200 kinds of cytokinins have been discovered. For a better idea lets compare cytokinins to a conductor, who manages a large orchestra - our body. Conductor that gives each cell type the correct stimulus for growth and division. Just like in an orchestra, also in our body everything must be done in perfect unison and harmony. Nutrients contained in Moringa can therefore really perceived as a perfectly synergistic "nutrient harmony".


Meet Zeatin:

Naturally supports the preservation of small cells, which is crucial to maintaining youthful skin and preventing macromolecular cell damage. Moreover, it also improves the stress tolerance of endangered cells.

Zeatin protects our brain from proteinaceous deposits, so called amyloid plaques. These proteins accumulate on the nerve cells of the brain, which eventually leads to the death of brain cells.  

Increases the activity of our major destroyers of free radicals and certain enzymes: superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. It is involved in nuclear metabolism, accelerates protein synthesis and thereby slows down the aging process.  

As a plant hormone, it has effects similar to human hormones. It also helps to naturally adjust the hormonal balance of women and girls. Zeatin is just that phytoestrogens, which should be used by girls during puberty or women in pregnancy, while breastfeeding or during menopause.